when in doubt, buy art.

my newest piece of artmeet my newest piece of art. it’s name is “blue dog – night flight” by anne leuck feldhaus. i’ve been watching this artist on ebay since i started buying art. i had put a $50 limit on my art purchases, and the new piece came in at $46. not too bad. i’m really happy to have it. i think it will be a good addition to the collection. i was feeling like i had too many cats.

i’m also watching this other painting by peter gullerud. he has worked in disney’s animation department. i’m thinking that i like it, but i’m not sure about the one eye. hmm. i think i might just have to do it.

gotta love retail therapy.

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  1. Very cool, I love the colors.  Spending money always makes me feel a little bit better.  Well, it’s actually the acquisition of something pretty that improves my mood.  I’d rather keep the money, but I’ve found that people just don’t usually give you cool stuff for nothin’.

  2. congrats for finally getting one. it’s a very cool painting.