grocery store

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i think this was the first night i have actually gone to the grocery store since the rocker left. i’ve been threatening to go, then i decide i don’t want to.

this trip, i talked to the pharmacist. ok, i always talk to the pharmacist. she is a cool lady that isn’t too much older than i am. she tells me that i shouldn’t be bothered that i have to pick-up my mothers prescriptions because, well, she is my mother.

she also said something interesting… after telling her that i broke up with the rocker, she said “i didn’t want to tell you this, but i didn’t think he was right for you just by looking at him.” can you imagine? i wasn’t sure if i was happy to hear that, or if i was insulted. it was an interesting comment non the less.

after all my shopping, i filled my car and went home… only to find i had left my 35 bottles of crystal geyser water in the bottom of my cart. hello? did all those paint fumes affect my brain today or what? lucky for me they were waiting for me inside. the nice courtesy clerk held them for me. yeah safeway!

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  1. *winks*
    well I knew you were on misson!

    Hey hon, sometimes it takes another set of eyes.. *coughs* I recall three sets the night of the first date telling me “No”.. oi.
    I’ve learned my lesson.

  2. eek, i never know how to react to comments like that either.  for me, that would be determined by my current mood, lol. 

    i loathe grocery stores… i only go when it’s absolutely necessary.  glad they still had your water waiting for you!  i hate it when i do things like that.  unfortunately, i do it often in my haste to get the hell out of there.  smile

  3. I checked out at a mart one time and asked them to charge me for two of the cheap plastic lawn chairs they were selling out front. They did – and then I left – without them. I got all the way home before I remembered, they gave me a hard time b/c who’s to say I didnt get them. I was really embarassed.