the 80/20 rule

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83% of all e-mail is now spam. 83%. no wonder i hate opening my inbox. i think i’ve got it under control, then BAM! here comes more.

what’s even worse… if i didn’t live in a country that speaks english, i might not get as much.

Countries where English is widely used will always be a natural target for spammers as mass mailing in one common language is by far the easiest way for them to disperse their messages,” said Mark Sunner, the chief technology officer at MessageLabs, in a statement.

do you think if i moved to the aran islands things would be better? they speak gaelic there.

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  1. My parents couldn’t access their e-mail for about a week and when I managed to get it back up and running they had over 900 spam mails.

    That was great fun sorting through :/

  2. I have a spam killer, but some stuff gets through anyway. I live in Holland, but I get a lot of English language spam. Stuff I couldn’t do a thing with if I wanted to. The Arran Islands sound nice though, maybe you should try it out for a bit.

  3. i’ll move there with you and we can knit sweaters

    i just deleted 117 spam comments (and i have mt-blacklist, too)