Podcasting?  Yep, gonna do it.

So, for one of my classes (that I'm technically caught up on, kinda) I have to write a lesson plan. I had to pick a subject, do a needs assessment, do a learner analysis... You know, fun educational things. So, I decided that I was going to get really excited about Podcasting, and share that with the professors on campus. Believe it or not, I am really excited. Seriously. I know, I've not really been very excited about much of anything (unless I'm spending money, then I'm pretty … [Read more...]

Blogging on the couch

So, after entirely too long of a wait, my laptop arrived today. I'm sitting here, on the couch, taking full advantage of the fact that the people who owned this house before I did wired the place with cat5 cables. I just love it. It's very quick, and I've already installed all the work necessary programs... Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion. The only problem thus far? I have the home version of XP rather than the professional version. That means that I don't have a webserver to … [Read more...]

Look out, Gwen got a new laptop!

I've been dying for a laptop for years. Years, I tell you. My current computer, while it does the job, is starting to get a bit sluggish. I know, it can't be more than about 5 years old. Here at the college that means that your computer gets replaced. Now, I'm not replacing my computer... I'm adding to my network. Hell, my new house is already wired with CAT5 in EVERY room. Can you imagine. No cable, no phone, but CAT5. Who knows. Now that I've started Grad School (did I forget to … [Read more...]

Steeling bandwidth

So, I've rented a laptop from the student union. I insisted that it had a wireless card. I'm sitting here tonight steeling one of my neighbours wireless connection. I'm such a bad neighbour. I think it is the doctor on the one side of me. But it could be the kids on the other side... Maybe it is my neighbour in the back whom I share movies with. Who knows. I think I might be feeling bad. Nah. … [Read more...]

damn amazon.

i bought that camera tuesday... amazon just lowered it's price today. damn. if there wasn't a 10% restocking fee, i'd return the one i bought and buy it from them. damn. damn. damn. (it's not as low as the price i paid, but i would have been willing to pay a bit more to buy from them. $15 is fine... $75 is not.) … [Read more...]

click…  coming soon.

i'm very proud of myself. granted, this may seem funny, but hear me out. i can spend money like nobody's business. in $20's, $50's... little time money. it's really hard for me to spend large amounts of money in one space, unless it's for someone else. i could buy the rocker hundreds of $300 jerseys, $250 pickups, and other assorted sundries. but spend more than $300 on ONE thing for myself, NOT. I can spend $300 in one setting, just as long as there are many things to show for it... … [Read more...]

the 80/20 rule

83% of all e-mail is now spam. 83%. no wonder i hate opening my inbox. i think i've got it under control, then BAM! here comes more. what's even worse... if i didn't live in a country that speaks english, i might not get as much. Countries where English is widely used will always be a natural target for spammers as mass mailing in one common language is by far the easiest way for them to disperse their messages," said Mark Sunner, the chief technology officer at MessageLabs, in a … [Read more...]