A short vacation!

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Tonight I’m going to Brooklyn! I’m really excited about it. I just wish I was going for longer. I’m going to be back on Tuesday night. I think my boss would rather that not go, because I’m going to miss a “Monday” so I won’t be able to do enrollment reports on time.

Today, I’m getting ready for spring scheduling… That is also supposed to go up on Tuesday. It’s going up early, so the departments will have it on time.

Daisy went to the groomers yesterday. She is ready for her little mini-trip too. I packed her bag last night. She is taking a blanket, a big bone, her eye drops (I don’t think she is really better), her benedryl and peanut butter to take it with. I’ve also packed extra dog food because Miss Olive likes Daisy’s food better than hers. Miss Olive is also on puppy chow. Can you imagine how fat Daisy is going to be when she gets home?

Anyhoo… If you want a postcard, send an email!

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  1. Hey Chickadee, have a great little trip!



  2. Hope you and Daisy have a nice trip! Pugsley has a little overnight bag too…awwww

  3. I LOVE the new look!!  and have a great time in Brooklyn!! smile 

    p.s. I’m baaaaaaaaack.  smile  XOXO

  4. So, how was Brooklyn????  Hope you had a great time!

  5. dammit. I missed it. This is what happens when I cant blog from work. I miss PRIME postcard invitations (grin).

    Hope you had a good trip.