I got a postcard!

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it's a postcard from budapest!I am such a lucky girl! Susanna sent me a postcard from Budapest! I get tons of bills, but rarely do I get decent mail! I’m so excited to have it. I’m going to place it here in my cube so I can wish I were there.

I liked going to NYC, but I’d much rather have gone to Europe! Thank you Susanna for my awesome postcard!

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  1. That desperately makes me want to be in Central/Eastern Europe again.  So I sort of love and hate you at the same time for posting it.  wink

  2. I’d love to send you a Dutch one, but where does it need to go? You know, for an occassion like … happy thursday or so.

    Hey, that’s where I used to live right there in the left lower corner!

  3. I’m glad it got there ok grin