Tales from the city…

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First off… I get to Brooklyn and my mother informs me that I am there in time to partake in tax-free week in New York. Can you say, I had a budget? Can you say, BYE-BYE budget! smile

So, stores… I have to mention all the cool stores I saw (and bought from):

  • Infinity Shoes where I bought these cute little black mary-janes with pink trim… Oh do I love pink or what?
  • Sissy Accessories had the cutest purses! I was dying here! I love a good purse, and the designs were so different!
  • Yogini had the cutest clothes. It was one of those stores where I wished I wore a size 2. I know I could have dressed Andrea there!
  • H&M is wonderful! I’d never been in one before, and I so wish there was one here! I got this great brown tweed skirt, and great hair accessories there. Let me tell you, I could have purchased the whole store!
  • The Paul Frank Store had some really fun stuff! I got a Paul Frank Store NYC tee, light blue, which I adore. It is my new workout shirt!
  • Shoe on Mulberry Street had the most incredible shoes. Most were handmade in the USA, but the price tags had me running!
  • Morehouse Merino was selling yarn at Lincoln Center. Can you say, I bought yarn. I don’t know how I end up always buying yarn, but I do…
  • Purl was a wonderful little yarn store I found in Soho… Yes, I bought yarn. But, it was so my mom could use their bathroom. Yeah, that’s it.

Food? You are asking about food? I only have one thing to say about food. Junior’s Most Fabulous. Go buy a cheesecake. Seriously. Do it now.

More about other stuff later… Hairspray, the Guggenheim, and more to come.

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  1. I’m happy to hear you had a good time! We have H&M here and in my opinion it can sometimes be quite good, and at other times rubbishy, but it’s always quite cheap grin