Do I really want a new house, HELLO?!?

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My friend Anne is moving. She is getting a lovely home in Willow Glen. When I heard this, my little hampster started running around it’s wheel. I said, hey, maybe I should buy Anne’s house. So I brought the topic up to my mom, and to my delight, she said, “I think that is a GREAT idea!”

Well, after reading up on California Real Estate tax law, I found out that I can’t buy Anne’s house. That was such a bummer. But, to my surprise, my mom is still interested in moving and buying something else.

So, this weekend I start house-hunting. I am so excited! I’ve got 6 different colored highlighters, a clipboard with paper, a Santa Clara county map… All the essentials for going house hunting really. I have a price range, and a little note about how much money we have to make something the way we like it.

I’m thinking that with the market the way it is here, it should take me at least 2 or 3 months to find something that will do what we need it to do.

  • No Stairs
  • 1400 square feet
  • Big back yard for Daisy
  • 3 bed rooms
  • two bathrooms
  • Close to at least one friend.

Just to freak you out a bit… My price max is $600,000. Enough to buy a bad house in a good neighbourhood or a great house in a sucky one. Who knows what I’m going to find, but I’m so excited that I can barely keep my feet on the ground.

Who needs a man when you can buy a house? smile

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  1. Hey, that’s exciting! Good for you, and it’s fun shopping around. On another note, never again am I going to complain about the cost of housing in New England!

  2. Wow, that sounds great. Good luck!

  3. How fun!  I love looking at houses!  It’s the whole packing and moving thing that I dread!  Good luck finding the perfect house!

  4. Wow!

  5. We have started house hunting too. We’ve been looking in the NICE part of town b/c thats where we live now, in an apartment. The schools are great here. Okay – so we want four bedrooms, 2000 square feet, and a yard. We’ve found a bunch we like, although we have to wait until our lease runs out, but we’ve found we wont have a problem finding a house we like that fits our budget. Do you want to know what OUR budget is? To show the difference in our two cities?


    For 2000 square feet. Less than 20 yrs old. New part of town. TONS of them. Can you believe it?

  6. Go for it with the house!

  7. After being a new home owner for the second time, I say Congratulations! It’s stressful and it’s annoying and things go wrong and it costs more than you think it will, but in the end you get to go home everyday and say “Those dirty dishes are in MY sink, My floor needs to be mopped, My windows are filthy, Doesn’t the sofa look great in my living room?” So very, very worth it.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it.