Ren Fairre 2004

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This weekend Miss Nikki and I went to the Ren Fairre down in Hollister. I have always wanted to go, but I’ve never really dated anyone who wanted to go with me. I asked Nikki and she said she would love to, and thus we did.

We decided not to go in costume, simply because I don’t have one. Granted, I’ve always wanted one, but I’ve never really had a reason to have one. I remedied that situation at the fairre.

my new puzzle ringSo, I had a lunch of a hunk of cheese and bread. Let me say, the best lunch ever. I bought a puzzle ring, a hair thingie, and my bodice. I’m thinking I should be able to make the rest without any problem. After the exchange, the sewing machine and I have a date.

Nikki decided that she needed to have her cards read. I’ve never had my cards read before, so I decided to just sit and watch. She was told she needed to stop being a hermit. smile The woman was right, she does.

After Nikki’s reading, I decided that I wanted one too. The first card she turned made her say, “Boy are you stable”. Yep, I am stable. She said since you aren’t with anyone this card must be talking about your career. Yep, I have tenure, and a very stable job. Then she turned the next card and said, “Are you sure you don’t have a man in your life? This card says you are in a committed relationship.” I said, “No, I’m not in a relationship, but I recently broke up with someone. I yelled at him in the shower this morning.”

The rest of the reading is a blur about how I am caregiver and I like to be needed. We also talked about the fact that I tend to attract men who are needy, and want to be cared for. Yeah, that’s right. She said I needed to find someone that wanted to be with me, not needed something from me.

If you have any ideas on how to have that happen let me know.

I was also told that I don’t put my self in situations that let me find someone. Also true. I know I give off the aura of being involved, I don’t know why. It’s silly, and I can’t figure out how to change it.

So, I’ve added my picture to my profile on Yahoo! to see if I get any “interest”. I really should post a personal ad there too. While Match kinda worked for me last time, I’m not really wanting to deal with it now.

With this photo gets random im’s through out the day. Now, I really don’t mind this. Most of the time I can take a minute to chat, but this guy today said he was looking for friends and more. So, I said ok. Then he added no strings attached. For some reason I kept talking, who knows… Then he told me he was looking for nooners. Nooners?!? When did friends and more become nooners.

I told him that I really wasn’t interested in being “friends and more” with a married man. I’ve done that, it’s not good for anyone involved. He starts begging me to just meet him, we don’t have to have sex all the time! Yeah, right, OK. You aren’t getting sex from me buddy.

He says that he wants a sexual relationship that his wife can’t give him.

You know what? I don’t understand men who think that it’s ok to just go and have sex with some woman and it’s not going to hurt their wives. FYI guys… Most of the time they find out. Who knows if the women stay or not… That doesn’t matter. It hurts them regardless. I would even imagine that my MM’s wife could know what happened with us. I know it would have hurt her. Who knows why I didn’t care at that point in time.

So, I told this guy that he must really hate his wife, and if he loves her he should work with her to get what he needs. I doubt that will happen. At least I did the smart thing. I told him no.

Maybe I should turn that profile back off. Maybe it’s not the smart way to meet a man.

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  1. Cool… I love getting my tarot cards read.