Birthday Presents…

First… I had a few surprises.

Susanna sent me the cutest card with a cat drinking champange. I think that British cards are so much more fun than American cards. Then on Monday, the fifth season of Sex in the City arrived in my mail box! Can you believe it! Susanna sent me a present! That was the coolest thing. I was shocked and excited and I just love it! I can’t thank her enough.

Nikki made the most beautiful pink bead and star earrings for me. Two pair and a bracelet. She is very creative and they are absolutely lovely!

My cousin Cindy sent me a lovely bookmark with a flower in it. She also sent the most lovely card. It’s multi-colored pink, brown and cream daisys that look like leather. I’ve got to take a picture. I love the card.

My mom then surprised me by purchasing a TiVo for me for Christmas. It came on the Wednesday I left for DisneyLand… I set it up on my birthday, and I LOVE IT. I love TiVo. LOVE IT.

Stephen of course took me to DisneyLand for my birthday, but he also gave me a signed copy of a poster he made for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. It’s a pretty cool poster, and I know the artist. wink

I’m so lucky. I have such great friends who remembered me on my birthday. That is very cool.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I got your postcard! Woo Hoo Disneyland! But I am so glad you can join me now in love for all things TiVo related. We love ours with all of our heart and I hope you do too! smile