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So, I’m sick again. I was sick on my birthday, and now I’ve got the same damn cold less than two weeks later. What is that crap.

As it is, I had a hissey fit on Thursday night and called in sick because I couldn’t stop crying on Friday. Saturday, I looked at crap houses when I should have been resting and drinking lots of juice. Sunday, I went shopping with Andrea & Tabitha instead of resting and drinking lots of juice. I ended up passing out on Chris and Andrea’s couch for most of Sunday afternoon. I took the nap that Tabitha should have.

Yesterday, I stayed home sick while realtors came through my house… Lucky for me, I pick up the downstairs before I go upstairs every night. The only room that was a distaster was my room, filled with dirty kleenex and water and drugs. I’m sure it was a pleasant sight for all.

I really shouldn’t be here today, but I’m worried about how much sick time I have left. I seem to be getting sick every 3 weeks or so. With 2 – 3 days off each time, I’m running out really quickly. I hope this stress ends quickly. I just can’t stand being sick, and honestly, I’m tired of it. I get the feeling it’s not going to be over until we get a house… And I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.


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  1. Feel better!