Is Prince Harry just st-OO-pid?

sunwharry.jpgSo, this intrigued me this morning as I was getting ready… Katie Couric says something like “Prince Harry wore a Nazi costume to a party” and thus I had to sit down and watch. I think of the two princes, Harry is cuter (it’s a red hair thing). So when I hear something about him, I just listen/watch. You know, the cute thing and all.

Then they show this picture from The Sun and I’m thinking, is this kid just looking for trouble, or is he just stOOpid? Come on, you have no idea what to wear to a costume party so you wear a casual Nazi uniform? WHAT? Was that supposed to be funny? I hardly think so. Tacky and tasteless, yes. Funny, ah NO.

Does no one tell this kid that some of the things he is doing really isn’t acceptable as a person, let alone a prince? I know, lots of kids smoke pot and drink. Lots of them do. Apparently, Harry LOVES to partake in both. (Granted, I never did, but others did and do) If I was Prince Charles, I’d try and figure out a way to give Harry a bit more guidance. He should have known as a person that wasn’t funny. At 20, you are technically an adult. He should know about the Holocaust, and there was nothing funny about World War II or any of the horrible things that happened to people during that time in history.

Now, I’ve read that jewish organizations are suggesting that Harry visit Auschwitz… No, he really just needs an ethnic sensitivity class. I’m sure they have them in the UK. If not, we have one on campus… I’m sure they could fit him in.

I’m thinking it was the pot. The NIDA says that everytime you smoke it, you lose brain cells. Maybe he has smoked so much that he really is clueless. This situation brings new meaning to the statement, “Were you on drugs?” Obviously, that was what was going on. At least I hope so.


  1. I am not into celebrity gossip, but you just can’t avoid hearing about the idiotic things he keeps doing. A couple of months ago he attacked a photographer outside a night club. Then came the allegations that he made his arts teacher make his A level arts projects, which were brushed under the carpet.
    That guy is just thick as two bricks.

  2. uh, that kid is on crack. the tabloid stories about him just keep on coming. i could be wrong, but it seemed to me that charles handled the aftermath of diana’s death on those kids well…but apparently not in terms of harry. good grief.

  3. Oh, jason just told me that he read in yesterday’s sun that charles is making harry go to auschwitz now. it’s a start, I suppose…

  4. Oh oh oh oh!!!!

    I read about this… And then I saw the Saturday night live skit.

    I don’t know what Harry’s deal is – he’s so cute… but seems to be totally unawares of his status and what his actions mean.

    Okay okay… I know it was a ‘tasteless’ party or whatever.  But still – you are royalty.  Unfortunately for you, that means you can’t partake in the same things that everyone else does…

    Now I tell you what WOULD have been tasteless – if he had went dressed as the late Queen mother.

  5. I know there’s a bigger picture to consider, but really, for a royal with unlimited (or pretty darned close to unlimited) wealth – that’s a pretty bad costume, quality wise. It looks like any old shirt with a few patches sewn on – where’s the hat? where are the uniform pants? where’s the jacket? My mom made better Halloween costumes for us as kids—and my mom made some pretty awful Halloween costumes. “Here, put on your grandfather’s old coat. There, now you’re a hobo. Go trick or treat and save me the caramels.”