Daisy’s new lair…

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For those who may be curious, here are some pictures of my new house. It is still staged, but you can get the general idea. Just click the picture for a bigger view.

family room view family room view family room view family room view
living room view living room view kitchen breakfast bar
kitchen dining room hallway hallway to master
master master bath master bath outside from master
hall bath small bed room small bedroom window garage
back yard view back yard view middle bed room middle bedroom
neighbourhood the house neighbourhood neighbourhood
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  1. I LOVE looking at other people’s house pics! This looks cute! I’m so happy for you that you found something you like. I knew you would. grin

  2. Nice. I like the look of the yard as well: I wish I had a yard like that. Is that your furniture already?

  3. Lovely new home! Wish you all the best. Newbie here smile

  4. It looks so nice!

  5. Nice digs Gwen!!