Kickboxing and unpacking books, which is worse?

Tonight I had my second kickboxing class. I figured out the routine after just one class, so this class was not so bad. I will tell you, it is a damn good workout. It makes me feel like the workouts I've been doing in the morning are worthless. That however, could be a good thing. I think I like kickboxing... a LOT! So, when I got home from kickboxing, I decided the smart thing to do would be to bring more boxes of books into the house and load them into the new IKEA bookcases. I have … [Read more...]

Sunday afternoon activities!

Today, I was uber busy. I finished painting the guest room... it's a calming green. I really like it. I'm very proud of myself. I didn't do a great job painting, but it is such an accomplishment for me. The ceiling and all the walls got two coats of paint. It was hard work, but worth the benefit! So I put the room back together as soon as the paint was dry. That included making the rest of the bookcase that I got at IKEA two weekends ago. I'm happy because now it has enough weight … [Read more...]

Did I ever tell you how much I hate PG&E?

I'm sure I have talked about my hate/hate relationship with PG&E before. I'm sure I have. Today, once again, I called asking them how much I really owe, because I'm sure my bill is wrong. Last month when I called, the "supervisor" told me what the actual dollar amount was, and I paid it. Today, the supervisor told me that I owed $180 and some odd cents. My actual useage this month? $63.00. That's right people, PG&E is trying to take me for almost $120. I asked where this all came from. … [Read more...]

More house stuff!

Last weekend instead of studying, I went to Ikea. I know, I was bad. I had modules to do. But, I'm so sick of school right now. I've just about had it with faculty at this point. Sorry Cheeky. I'm sure things are very different at your campus. Anyhoo... here is what I did! I put up a new shade in my bedroom. It is cordless. Just push up or pull down on the bottom of the shade and it moves. It's very cool. Nope, not from IKEA. This is the spare bedroom. It had no rug and bright … [Read more...]

Lookie!  I’ve been working on the house!

living room more living room fire place with new art vase fire place vignette new art vase for living room new art vase for living room (and the new little one too!) dining room new dining room rug Dining Room buffet spare bedroom main wall spare bedroom main wall continued spare bedroom couch area spare bedroom sewing machine holding spot Mom's Room Mom's Room (bed) Mom's Room (dresser) … [Read more...]

Hardwood floors!

Today when I get home, I should have the most beautiful hardwood floors in my two front rooms. For the past week, I've had guys working at the house, tearing out carpet, taking off the peel-n-stick tiles stuck to the hardwood, and then the sanding, varnishing, sanding, varnishing processes. Daisy and I have been dealing with no heat and strong smells since Monday night. Last night, I finally added the extra down comforter to my bed, and I wasn't cold. I think that the exercise will be worth … [Read more...]


Today, I actually spent some time in my kitchen. I cleaned things up, put things away... For being the tinyest kitchen on the face of the planet, things are coming along nicely. Believe it or not, I even washed the big window. Now, if only I could find my good saute pan... Anyway, things are starting to look better in that part of the house. However, I'm having the hardwood floors redone in the two front bedrooms. To my surprise, also the surprise of the man working on the floors, there … [Read more...]

New phone number, new hastles

You know what is worst about moving? Ok, besides moving, unpacking, changing your address... Getting a new phone number. Allied Interstate, a collection agency, has been calling every day. Now, these people never called me before... They started calling the minute I turned this number on. Actually, the second. I've called, twice, to tell them they have the wrong number. The first time I was told that they would mark in the file that this was not the person they were looking for. I was … [Read more...]

Is this really my life?

I'm a funny girl sometimes. I want lots of things in life. I ask for them, they happen and I say, "WHAT THE F*CK?!?" Is this really what I asked for? I said that I wanted a new house. I went out searching for a new house. I even wrote down what I wanted in a new house. I didn't get everything I wanted, but it was close. Now, I'm in my new house, it is all mine, and it feels so weird. I think even Daisy is adjusting better than I am. She at least seems to be happy, i think. I really … [Read more...]

Daisy’s new spot!

This morning I decided not to go work out so that I could spend a little more time with Daisy. She seems to be getting back to her old habits. She gave me a doggie bath when I got out of the shower. She played with a toilet paper tube. Actually, she seemed pretty happy this morning. Then, I pushed the bed in my mom's room under the window, and opened the blinds. I said, "Look Daisy!" and she jumped on the bed, and started stairing out the window. It was so cute! When I left, I said … [Read more...]