It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane…  NO, it’s my house!

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So, I haven’t been in my house since I got my garage door opener. I know, I should have gone over, but I didn’t. Now, it’s tented, and I can’t go in. Isn’t that a shame. No moving anything over the weekend.

Here’s a funny little thing… It’s been over 7 years since I had to turn services on. You know electricity, gas, phone, that sort of thing. I had everything turned on yesterday. Last night I get a phone call. It was SBC asking me how he was supposed to turn on the phone, as the house is tented. Now, I thought they just turned on a switch. Nope. Not only that, but the phone switch, is under the tenting. Then he said, well, is there a phone in there? I said nope. He couldn’t even test to see if the line he was touching was the right one.

Oh well. He will be back on Tuesday. Boy do I feel silly. smile

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  1. Why exactly is your house under a tent?  Is that a termite ad on the front?  I hope it’s just for prevention – termites are no fun from what I’ve heard.  Definitely not the party animal.

    Funny that you are jealous of my design – yesterday, when I saw your site, I was jealous of yours!  Pink tiaras rock!

  2. I’m sort of frightened to ask *why* your house looks like a circus? -blinks- Hey, you could get some money out of that deal! Start telling people there’s a really large man-eating dinosaur (or bearded-lady) in there, and ask for $5 per person to get a look-see! Ha! I’m genius.