LOAD514 – Day Thirty, Matching Lives

Today we talked about special spaces.  I have no special places.  I do have great memories of the house on Grand Traverse Street, and the AWESOME closets.  But trying to find pictures of these closets would be the death of me, because, well, seriously, who takes pictures of closets. So, I had this LO sitting in my crafting area needing to be finished. One thing that I remember most about being little is that Marilyn and I always matched.  We had matching clothes, matching slippers, … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Eleven, Everybody Loves Pete!

Today we had a very easy prompt, Puppy Love.  The first dog that I remember we had as a family was Pete.  When my Grandpa Dapper came to visit in late summer 1982, he told my mom and dad that kids need a dog.  He and my mom went down to the pound...  And here came Pete. He didn't have favorites, he loved us all the same.  He hated squirrels and the mail carriers.  He loved spaghetti sauce and snow.  He was hit by a car the first winter we had him. We all really did love him.  He was a good … [Read more...]

Before…  And after!

Just before Christmas, I got to pick up the new rocker from the shop.  I was so excited!  I think it came out beautifully.  It matches the other furniture, and it fits Daisy perfectly!  Doesn’t she look cozy? … [Read more...]

Should one really wear their tiara to work?

For my birthday, Jessica decided that I needed a tiara.  You know, I’ve always wanted a tiara.  Seriously.  It’s one of those stupid things that is on my list of things to have…  I just always thought that I would be the one to buy it.  I was wrong. It is the prettiest thing.  It made me smile. Don’t you think it suits me? … [Read more...]

Oh what a life.

I’m sitting here trying to decide what to write about. You know, there is a bunch to write about. More than one thing, more than one story. I think about podcasting it. I think some of it is pretty funny. I think some if it is more than sad. Part of me just wants to write an open letter to Tom asking for the comfort that he used to provide. It has been a very hard few months. Some days all I want is the best part of that relationship back, without all the issues that went with it. Mom had … [Read more...]

I’m finally taking pictures!

[Read more...]

It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane…  NO, it’s my house!

So, I haven't been in my house since I got my garage door opener. I know, I should have gone over, but I didn't. Now, it's tented, and I can't go in. Isn't that a shame. No moving anything over the weekend. Here's a funny little thing... It's been over 7 years since I had to turn services on. You know electricity, gas, phone, that sort of thing. I had everything turned on yesterday. Last night I get a phone call. It was SBC asking me how he was supposed to turn on the phone, as the … [Read more...]