All the cute boys in the valley work at Yahoo!

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Tuesday, I went to Yahoo! with my team for grad school to interview a instructional designer. I’m not really sure that the man we interviewed thought he was an Instructional Designer, but I think he manages people who put Instructional Design into use, and therefore will work for what we needed.

I used to know about Yahoo! when they were small and had a building off of Central Expressway in Santa Clara, back in my AMD days. Today, Yahoo! has this HUGE campus over by Lockheed Martin on just next to Moffit Field. Tons of security and everything.

We got to the campus, and the man we interviewed said that he wanted to buy us lunch. So he handed me, and the three other girls that are on my team $10 lunch vouchers and off to the cafeteria we went.

Let me tell you, I’ve never seen so many cute guys in the same place in such a long time. And no rings in sight!

I think it had been a long time since these guys had seen girls in skirts because we were being checked out from all sides. I even had the forethought to look for rings. Didn’t see many. smile Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the position to ask for numbers. Darn.

If I ever get back to Yahoo! at lunch time, I’m going to ask for numbers, lots of numbers. If you were one of those guys who looked at my name tag, you should introduce yourself. Seriously.

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  1. I better get on the phone and start trying to set up a meeting with Yahoo smile

  2. They’re cute AND they’re techies?  Who’d have guessed…  LOL!!