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what the *uck?

There are days in my life when I'm absolutely sure what I'm doing and why. There are others when I'm sure I'm insane, and I wonder what the *uck I'm doing. The grad school thing is one of those what the *uck am I doing. I know that I'm going to get something out of it someday, but right now, I swear to god I'm going to kill someone before I'm done with the degree. It's a very hard thing for me. I hate it when I feel like I'm doing busy work. The two classes I took this semester felt like … [Read more...]

Cause I’m a blonde, yeah, yeah, yeah!

My mom says it is June Bug season. You know the June Bug? It's the big, black bug that looks an awful lot like a roach. When I lived in Texas, we called them water roaches. Black bugs, almost 2 inches long who ran toward you rather than away from you. I'm scared of these bugs. They really freak me out. Every once in a while I would see them outside at my old house. But, never inside. NEVER. Since I've been here, I've seen two in my backyard. Eww. Yucky. Once made it into my bedroom. … [Read more...]

More house stuff!

Last weekend instead of studying, I went to Ikea. I know, I was bad. I had modules to do. But, I'm so sick of school right now. I've just about had it with faculty at this point. Sorry Cheeky. I'm sure things are very different at your campus. Anyhoo... here is what I did! I put up a new shade in my bedroom. It is cordless. Just push up or pull down on the bottom of the shade and it moves. It's very cool. Nope, not from IKEA. This is the spare bedroom. It had no rug and bright … [Read more...]

The last class!

Tonight is my last class. That is for the one I actually go to. I'm so excited. I'm so ready for this semester to be over. I didn't realize how much work went into school. Ok, busy work. Most of the work wasn't difficult, but it didn't seem to have much of a purpose. Last week in class I had a very nice conversation with a graduate from the program. It put everything into perspective for me. I'm glad I chatted with her. Just think, 2 years from now, I'll have a masters. Wow. … [Read more...]

Spoil-a-blogger questions!

What is your favorite color? Pink, pink and more pink. I also love creamy colors, light with just a touch of color... What is your favorite scent? Vanilla. But, I'm not big on smelly things. I'm alergic to roses. Where is your favorite place to vacation? Ireland! I love all things Irish. Do you collect anything? I'm a yarn whore. I love mid-century furniture. Tickled Pink/Heavenly Days accessory pieces. Things with stars or daisies. I love earrings. Do you have a favorite tv … [Read more...]

Lookie!  I’ve been working on the house!

living room more living room fire place with new art vase fire place vignette new art vase for living room new art vase for living room (and the new little one too!) dining room new dining room rug Dining Room buffet spare bedroom main wall spare bedroom main wall continued spare bedroom couch area spare bedroom sewing machine holding spot Mom's Room Mom's Room (bed) Mom's Room (dresser) … [Read more...]