Archives for April 6, 2005

All the cute boys in the valley work at Yahoo!

Tuesday, I went to Yahoo! with my team for grad school to interview a instructional designer. I'm not really sure that the man we interviewed thought he was an Instructional Designer, but I think he manages people who put Instructional Design into use, and therefore will work for what we needed. I used to know about Yahoo! when they were small and had a building off of Central Expressway in Santa Clara, back in my AMD days. Today, Yahoo! has this HUGE campus over by Lockheed Martin on just … [Read more...]

Holding it in

I've been wondering why I've been so teary as of late. I thought it was just the stress of 16 hour midterms, papers, you know, adding grad school to my life. It's not that is all that difficult right now. I just have this need to be the perfect student, so I bring stress on myself when I really don't need to. Then, I thought maybe it was the fact that after more than 2 months, I still don't have my dresser in my bedroom. I still have wardrobe boxes stacked in my living room. The two front … [Read more...]