Did I tell you that I LOVE my secret pal?

My spoil-a-blogger pal is the bestest spoil-a-blogger pal ever. I haven’t taken a picture yet, but let me tell you how much I love her.

She sent me a tiarra. Can you believe it? I know I couldn’t. I’ve wanted a tiarra FOR-EV-ER. It’s sparkly, just like the one in my pink tiarra skin. smile

Then she sent this really cute door hanger that says “Shh! The princess is sleeping.” I just love it. I should put a little apostrophe over the last “s” because Daisy and I are both princesses.

Finally, she sent this absolutely adoreable picture frame that says “princess power,” and it has a crown over the area where you put the picture. I think I’m putting Daisy’s picture in there. She really is the ultimate princess. smile

Thank you so much spoil-a-blogger pal! I really needed it!


  1. Every girl needs a tiara…although I refuse to be seen as a princess.  I’m the Queen!  She’s the one with the power.

    I gave my daughter a tiara this year too.

  2. Bwah ha ha! I LOVE it! You MUST take a photo of yourself wearing it and blog it, baby!

  3. Tiara: awesome
    Apostrophe: I must stop you!  Add an -es to princess!  No apostrophe!  Do not violate the apostrophe! *sobs uncontrollably*

  4. can I just say that new picture of yourself is so cute? smile I love it!

  5. Hi Gwen!  I *LOVE* your tiara blogskin!  I want Moxie to design one for me…
    I sent you my info for spoil-a-blogger…did you receive it?

  6. That is awesome hon! You have got to post pics now with your new tiara!