Archives for July 21, 2005

Did I tell you that I LOVE my secret pal?

My spoil-a-blogger pal is the bestest spoil-a-blogger pal ever. I haven't taken a picture yet, but let me tell you how much I love her. She sent me a tiarra. Can you believe it? I know I couldn't. I've wanted a tiarra FOR-EV-ER. It's sparkly, just like the one in my pink tiarra skin. Then she sent this really cute door hanger that says "Shh! The princess is sleeping." I just love it. I should put a little apostrophe over the last "s" because Daisy and I are both princesses. Finally, … [Read more...]


All I can say is, Eric, pay back is HELL. I think the best thing in the world happened tonight. Kaysar won HOH. I don't see any reason why Janelle couldn't win next week. I am so excited about this game now. I was ready to give it up. I really was. But now, it really is a game, and listening to these people back pedal on the feeds... Boy howdy, what fun is this! Michael revenge is yours. … [Read more...]