I woke up in Alaska this morning. Without my luggage. Alaska Airlines sent the bag they forced me to check to Spokane rather than Anchorage. Yeah, I’m a happy camper.

But it’s lovely here. Absolutely lovely. Unfortunately, the digital camera card reader was in the bag they forced me to check. So, I can’t show you how pretty it is… Yet.

Hopefully, I will have my bag just after 1:00 today. If not, there is a Nordstrom (apparently there is no Target) in Anchorage. I’ll just buy new stuff. I just hope I have it before Saturday morning. Apparently there is a really cool open air market in Anchorage Saturday morning. That is mom and my first planned outing.


  1. Wow, that’s pretty sudden. How long are you staying for? I hope you are enjoying the change of scenery!

  2. That totally sucks about the luggage. So sorry. You probably will have it today, I’ve lost luggage, too, and the airlines are usually pretty good about getting it to you quickly.

    Have a wonderful time!!!

  3. You’re in Alaska?  Ground tour or cruise?  We are going for a cruise in 8/06 and went 9/03 and really enjoyed it then.  IT’s just beautiful