Archives for September 14, 2005

Wednesday’s Joy!

Let's talk about joy. Yesterday the joy was getting the wireless network at home set up so that everyone could play. That was a good thing. Today, my mom made my lunch and dinner for me. That was really nice. I didn't have to buy either! And, I have a new skin... I thought it would be live today, but it might happen tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Saturday in NYC

Saturday Snidge and I slept in a bit, and didn't really get started until after 10. It might have been later. I can't remember now. I tried to get us tickets to Avenue Q, but alas, there were none available at the 1/2 price ticket place and even worse, none available at the box office. Basically, we were screwed on seeing Avenue Q. It was then, we decided to walk. And walk, we did. We walked from the hotel down to Chelsea where we had the nicest Chinese food. I had Soy Sauce Chicken. It … [Read more...]