Wednesday’s Joy!

Let’s talk about joy. Yesterday the joy was getting the wireless network at home set up so that everyone could play. That was a good thing.

Today, my mom made my lunch and dinner for me. That was really nice. I didn’t have to buy either!

And, I have a new skin… I thought it would be live today, but it might happen tomorrow.


  1. I saw the new skin over at Bonafide Style, in the portfolio.  Very cool! =)

  2. HELLO!!!

    Mama-made meals

    That’s joy… that’s better than joy.

  3. This is totally adorable. CUTE cute. Reese did a great job! smile

  4. Hey, I like the new Robot skin and the new Joy thing. Glad you had a fun time in NYC. If you are like me, you might have a hard time finding joy when you’re PMS’ing, LOL!! Good Luck smile