My Starbucks Name

Yesterday, I went outside of my comfort zone, and went to work out with two mommies from school.  I've had a gym membership since at least April, and I've never gone.  Every time I said I was going to go, I had an excuse as to why I couldn't. Last week, John asked me about the membership.  He asked if maybe I shouldn't give it up since I didn't go.  I told him I really wanted to go.  So, when one of the mommies asked me to go to the gym with her today, I said yes.  I told John I really didn't … [Read more...]

Saturday in the City

It’s been a really long time.  Honestly.  I decided to stop blogging when the Spring semester started.  I was tired and frustrated with life and school…  I felt like I really didn’t have much to say, and nothing worth talking about. If you talk to Reese, she will tell you there has been a TON to talk about.  I just really didn’t want to share. This weekend, I finallly did something that I wanted to share, and more importantly, remember.  I … [Read more...]

Today’s bliss is…  a box full!

So, my SP6 pal has been reading me, which is super cool (Hey there SP6!). And last week, when I was feeling really down, she sent me a little note telling me that bliss was on its way. Low and behold, I get home from class (at 9:45 pm) and there is a box waiting for me... With PINK duct tape holding it closed! Lookie what it says. Seriously! How cool is that? "Have a box of bliss!" That is so cool. But then, I opened it. Lookie my bliss! She sent me some home-made maple syrup (for the … [Read more...]

Lets have some effing bliss.

So there can be bliss. Really. I got several professors to fill out my survey. Bliss. Beautiful day where I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, bliss. Talking to my boss about office politics, finally. Absolute Bliss. … [Read more...]

Found that camera, and more bliss…

is this a beautiful moon or what? … [Read more...]

Tuesdays Bliss

Today, my bliss is that my mom came out of surgery without complication. Every time she goes under the knife, I thik she won't be back. I'm lucky that she does everytime. I also learned that I can knit most of a cable scarf in a day. Who would have thunk it. Who knows where my camera is again... Wait there is no bliss in losing misplacing your camera yet again. found it! and believe it or not, but that yarn is so lavendar in person. It's really not pink. Bought the yarn on Vancouver … [Read more...]

It’s all about my inner bliss!

Ok. So, I have to have some inner bliss today. Really I do, and it can't be about the pirates. That really doesn't count does it. Today, I'm voting that my inner bliss is... I can listen to Daisy snore and it makes me smile. I have a mother who can irritate me, where others may not have one at all. and finally... I get to buy my 2006 SaberCats season tickets this week! Also, one more thing... Found this really cool crafty podcast today. You probally know about it already. Crafty Pod … [Read more...]

Daisy has a new skin!

The response to the new skin is amazing. I'm so glad you like it. I think that Reese did a wonderful job taking Travis' art and making it into something that is absolutely beautiful. I want to take a minute to introduce you to Travis Smith. Long time ago, I bought a painting of a dog from him, called "ben". I really liked his art, so I watched his eBay listings, where he was selling the painting that you see on my skin. It's called, "A Robot for the Ladies". It actually is an original … [Read more...]

turning joy into bliss

I've decided that I like inner bliss rather than finding joy. So, I'm doing the whole switch-a-roo. Thursday's inner joy... finally figuring out the retention rates using the new database. Mom just said that I'd get more joy if I went to bed. Isn't that cute? For two days she has been talking about how great the house looks, but my room looks like crap. Honestly, it's the only room we haven't touched. So tonight, after we bought this stove, we went to Restoration Hardware, and bought the … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Joy!

Let's talk about joy. Yesterday the joy was getting the wireless network at home set up so that everyone could play. That was a good thing. Today, my mom made my lunch and dinner for me. That was really nice. I didn't have to buy either! And, I have a new skin... I thought it would be live today, but it might happen tomorrow. … [Read more...]