turning joy into bliss

I’ve decided that I like inner bliss rather than finding joy. So, I’m doing the whole switch-a-roo.

Thursday’s inner joy… finally figuring out the retention rates using the new database.

Mom just said that I’d get more joy if I went to bed. Isn’t that cute? For two days she has been talking about how great the house looks, but my room looks like crap. Honestly, it’s the only room we haven’t touched. So tonight, after we bought this stove, we went to Restoration Hardware, and bought the cutest blush colored duvet cover, quilt and shams. The guy in the store told me they were brand spanking new. I looked on the web, and he is right… They aren’t on the website! They only had one sham, and didn’t have the throw pillow cover, so those two things are being mailed to me. So, next week, pictures of my new bedroom.

beautiful scarf from SusannaThere is one more thing that is bringing me inner bliss. Susanna sent me this absolutely beautiful pink plaid scarf from Scotland. It has the cutest little purple bow. Let me tell you, it is sitting on my coffee table. Every time I start to have a PPP, I look at that scarf, and I know that even though she is on the other side the world, I have a beautiful friend who really cares about me. Then I think about Snidge and Reese, and I know that while my friend base at home is not so big, my internet friends abound! I am truly lucky to have so many people who care about me.

All this, bring todays inner bliss… I hope you found yours today!


  1. Oh my doG! I LOVE this! So cute! Yay, Gwen, on the new skin!

  2. I love you, Gwen smile You are one of my most favoritist internet friends. Scratch that! You are one of my favoritist friends, period smile