It’s all about my inner bliss!

Ok. So, I have to have some inner bliss today. Really I do, and it can’t be about the pirates. That really doesn’t count does it.

Today, I’m voting that my inner bliss is…

I can listen to Daisy snore and it makes me smile.

I have a mother who can irritate me, where others may not have one at all.

and finally…

I get to buy my 2006 SaberCats season tickets this week!

Also, one more thing… Found this really cool crafty podcast today. You probally know about it already. Crafty Pod with Sister Diane, I absolutely adore it.

Ok, so some inner bliss… I hope you found yours today.


  1. Don’t forget about me when you do your podcast thing!

  2. I found my bliss for 30 seconds on the Tiltawhirl.  Why only 30 seconds?  Well, ask my daughter, the Drama Diva.
    Anywho, hope all is well with you.  I know you’ve been to the new place, but when you get a chance, will you update me on your roll to
    Thanks, darlin.

  3. Its been too long since I’ve been by to visit, you redecorated! It looks great! And both of my bostons snore and I love it!!