It’s Gwen, Raunchy Style!

So last night, Jessica and I continued on our weekly happy hour trend, only this time we went to Paragon Restaurant instead of Scott’s Seafood. I didn’t think I was going to drink, but then Jessica said, of course you are going to drink. So, we scanned the bar drinks menu for something really light weight. Then we found it. A cooler made with fresh lemonade and raspberry infused vodka. The bartender made it pretty weak. What was cool was that I really couldn’t taste much alcohol.  I don’t normally drink because I really can’t stand the taste of alcohol.  This cooler was pretty yummy.  Then we decided to have another drink.  I decided that I should have strawberry vodka instead of raspberry, just to mix it up a little. 

It was about this time that I decided to call Stephen and tell him I was drinking.  I forgot to call him the last time I went drinking, and I didn’t call him at Xeno’s christmas party (where I had 3 buttery nipples thanks to JT).  All I could talk about was how much I had to drink and what I was eating.  Not too exciting, but I thought it was really funny.  My phone actually died when it came time to leave a message, so I called on Jessica’s phone.  We didn’t drunk dial her friend in Boston this time, just Stephen…  I wanted to call Tom, but sober me has not gone to look and see if I still have the phone number still to put it back in my phone. 

Then Jessica and I started talking about her new beau.  I’ve not met him yet, but I’ve seen pictures.  He’s pretty cute, lives in LA.  Ok, so she would kill me if I repeated what we talked about so I won’t.  It was pretty funny none the less.

The bartender made us the best drink I’ve ever had for dessert.  It was a raspberry truffle.  I have no idea what is in it, but damn!  It is a really good drink.  It’s really cold, and tastes better if you drink it that way.  We had to drink the last bit really fast because it had warmed up a bit.  You know, they make martini glasses that sit in ice…  That’s how that drink should be served.  Mmmm.  Yummy.

Anyway, back to the raunchy-ness.  Today Jessica, Monica, Johnny and I went to Peggy Sue’s for lunch.  It’s a 50’s style hamburger joint in San Jose.  Not bad.  Jessica originally had us sitting on the side, so that we could talk.  Then she and Monica realized that all the cute boys were sitting in the main room…  We moved rather quickly.  Great booth, where I had a great view of this really cute boy. 

Monica, and I were feeding off of each other.  We had a very long conversation about milkshakes and whether or not I wanted one.  Monica offered to share one with me, to which I said, “You can get one at home.”  I thought Johnny was going to die of embarrassment.  It was hillarious.  Jessica and I were laughing, and Monica decided that we should get a milkshake.  Chocolate, of course.

At somepoint we started talking about “toys” and Johnny only turned more red.  Monica said they were additions.  Then I said they were enhancements and Monica almost shot milkshake out her nose.  Jessica and I were just laughing.  I told Johnny he needed to go up to Good Vibrations and get an education before we could talk about the subject again.

Poor Johnny.  He’s only 23.  Single boy, trying to find a girl friend…  Sitting at lunch with these 30-something women who are talking about their need for a milkshake and if they want toys with that shake.  I think we have corrupted him.  And, not in a good way.  I just hope that his next girlfriend doesn’t try to kill us later!


  1. Perhaps Johnny’s next girlfriend will thank you!

  2. What fun!  The young ones are so funny.

  3. Oooh!  When I went to Vegas, I got this frozen drink at MGM… pink lemonade and vodka.  It was called “tickled pink” and it was delicious!  Just sounded kinda similar, I’m not an alcoholic.. wink