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My spoil-a-blogger pal rawks!

Lookie all the cool things my spoil-a-blogger pal sent me.  All kinds of daisy crafty things.  I am already using the markers for my homework!  I really like the stamp, I’m going to have to figure out what to put the stamp on!  But, my pal thought of that already…  She sent little note cards for me to make creations on!  I also really like the pocket magnet, with the picture of a rose that she took!  Thank you SO much spoil-a-blogger pal! … [Read more...]

I won my Knitting Olympics!

Well, all I can say at this moment is, I am so proud. I was not quite sure I would make it. Seriously. This was really hard for me. I didn’t get to start during opening ceremonies. I went out to dinner. I tried two ways of knitting these socks, two sets of circular needles, and then a set of 40” addie turbos that I bought at Stitches West last weekend. The 40” magic loop method really did work best for me. I had trouble measuring, and the sock I made for the left foot (my bigger foot) is … [Read more...]

Answers for my spoil-a-blogger pal

What is your favorite color? Pink, pink and more pink. I also love creamy colors, light with just a touch of color… What is your favorite scent? Vanilla. But, I’m not big on smelly things. I’m alergic to roses. Where is your favorite place to vacation? Ireland! I love all things Irish. Do you collect anything? I’m a yarn whore. I love mid-century furniture. Tickled Pink/Heavenly Days accessory pieces. Things with stars or daisies. I love earrings.  I also collect … [Read more...]

What a busy, busy weekend!

I didn’t think that life could get any busyier than it is, but darn it, it did.  This weekend was an absolute blur.  At some point I moved my 61 VW bug from my neighbours house to my house.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t drive it.  I had to push it.  My neighbour and I did it, all by ourselves.  I was pretty proud about this, but really sad that the car didn’t start.  I really hope that the problem isn’t the starter.  I think it … [Read more...]

Secret Pal 7’s first strike!

Lookie what I got!  A really cute postcard from my secret pal!  Isn’t it nifty?  It feels like it is water color paper that she printed a cool knitting needle picture on to!  I ADORE it!  I have to keep an idea book for my EDIT 273 class, and I’m putting it in there!  I think it is so creative!  Thank you so much SP7!  I’m watching the mail! … [Read more...]

98% done!

On Saturday, my kitchen got doors.  I can’t tell you how nice my kitchen is.  Really, I can’t.  I have yet to have an opportunity to work in it.  Between my different classes, and mini personal life, I’ve barely been home to spend any time in it.  My mom tells me that it is lovely.  There is so much counter space that it’s hard to chose where to work.  It’s very zen in there, except for the can lights.  They make the whole … [Read more...]