Archives for January 4, 2006

Before…  And after!

Just before Christmas, I got to pick up the new rocker from the shop.  I was so excited!  I think it came out beautifully.  It matches the other furniture, and it fits Daisy perfectly!  Doesn’t she look cozy? … [Read more...]

Should one really wear their tiara to work?

For my birthday, Jessica decided that I needed a tiara.  You know, I’ve always wanted a tiara.  Seriously.  It’s one of those stupid things that is on my list of things to have…  I just always thought that I would be the one to buy it.  I was wrong. It is the prettiest thing.  It made me smile. Don’t you think it suits me? … [Read more...]

Daisy Vs. The Hedge Hog

For Christmas, Daisy got several new toys.  Her favorite is the Hedge Hog, which she plays with every day.  It’s very funny, and I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of her rough-housing! This is the Hedge Hog.  Very cute little toy.  Got it at Target.  Got one for Bijou too. This is Daisy, right before the attack on the Hedge Hog. Here it is…  Daisy Vs. Hedge Hog.  Enjoy. As you can see, she felt the need to involve the duck that she got … [Read more...]