Saturday in the City

It’s been a really long time.  Honestly.  I decided to stop blogging when the Spring semester started.  I was tired and frustrated with life and school…  I felt like I really didn’t have much to say, and nothing worth talking about.

If you talk to Reese, she will tell you there has been a TON to talk about.  I just really didn’t want to share.

This weekend, I finallly did something that I wanted to share, and more importantly, remember.  I don’t know about you other bloggers, but I find that I blog when I specifically want to remember something.  This blog always was my diary, first and foremost.

So, enough chatter about that…  Let’s talk about my weekend with Jessica.  Way more exciting!

But first, a little info about why…  Jessica and I were going to go to New York for tax free week in late August, early September… But sadly, I got called for Jury Duty the week of August 21st.  I didn’t want to postpone, because that usually means that you have to go…  So, I decided to hope that I’m not going to get called, and do my time when it’s scheduled.  Instead of going to New York, we decided to go to San Francisco for a spa weekend.  It turned into much more!

Jess and I started our day at re:Fresh.  re:Fresh is a day spa on Post Street up in San Francisco.  We started out in the steam room for twenty minutes…  They had this wonderful cucumber and mint water.  Yummy!  I remember drinking a ton of it.  Then, we both had a massage.  I had Darryl.  I’ve never had a massage before.  It was nice, but I can’t see how anyone could sleep through that.  I guess I just relax differently.  Then I had a facial.  I’ve never had one of those either.  They put all this lovely lotion over my hands and then put them in a heated glove.  That was a wonderful.  I had a short wait for Jessica, then it was off to get a manicure and pedicure.  Lovely!  Jessica speaks Vietnamese, so she was able to speak to the girls who were doing our nails.  I tell you, it makes a huge difference!  They brought us a lovely glass of cucumber water with the cucumbers in it.  It really made me feel special.  Then they used this quick dry stuff on our nails that instantly dried everything!  So cool!

After the spa, we checked into our hotel…  The Hilton in the Financial District.  Beautiful room, with an AWESOME view.  We looked at Coit Tower, with views of the bay on either side.  Just awesome.

From the hotel, we took a taxi to Union Square.  We stopped at Blondies to have a piece of pizza.  Chicken with aspargus.  You know, it was very good.  I was surprised.  Then we went to Nordstrom to get make-overs for our night out.  This is my look…  I didn’t recognize me.  I still see me 35 pounds heavier…  My clothes are all different, but I thought my face was the same.  I was wrong.

The best part of the makeover was the false eyelashes.  I’ve always wanted them, and they are just incredible!  They made me feel like I really had some lashes.  I know I have some, but they are so light!  These are black, and just filled me in, where I needed to be filled in.

After the makeover, we went shopping to H&M…  I love H&M.  I got a super cute outfit.  Pink jacket, brown floral skirt, brown sleveless turtleneck, brown scarf…  Super cute.  I’ll take a picture later.  We closed the H&M in the financial district.  Fun that was.  I always like closing a store.

From there we went back to the hotel to change for the evening.  Jess wore a really cute black halter dress.  I wore my new stripey black and cream dress.  The makeup artist at Mac told us to go to AsiaSF for dinner. 

AsiaSF is a bar where gender illusionists serve you, and then do a show on the bar.  The food was incredible.  This is me eating the warm chocolate cake with ice cream…  Absolutely yummy.  Beyond yummy.

The show, incredible.  Jessica took a video of one of the girls.  I’ll post it later.  It’s a absolute riot.  I can’t remember her name, but the “lady” was flirting prettly heavely with the three gay guys behind us.  It was quite interesting to watch.  She was so absolutely attentive to their needs.  Ahh, to be a gay man in a club like that.  The attention you would get.  Some very drunk man was hitting on Jessica.  When he came up to talk to her, the funniest thing happened.  She said her name was Jodi.  First time I heard that.  Then she said “I swing the other way.”  The guy said, then this is your girlfriend?  She said “Yes.”  I was like OH MY GOD.  Jessica and I are now lesbians.  I gave her a hug, and the guy left.  I started cracking up.  I was like, when did we become lovers?  The girls next to us at the bar were laughing so hard!  They told her they were ready to say the exact same thing!

Here I go out and think things are normal…  Nope.  I’m now Jessica’s “girl friend”. 

Here is one of the lovely lady’s of the show.

After the show, we were off to the Bubble Lounge.  At the Bubble Lounge we had Raspberry Truffles, and some guys started hitting on us.  Jess was now “Jenn”, but I wasn’t her “girl friend” any more.  The guys were ok, but nothing to really take home.  I really liked the Bubble Lounge however.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  It was like a wine cellar down stairs, with comfortable couches and chairs upstairs.  I could really see Jessica and I hanging out there.  Only, with not so much makeup.  smile

We were off to bed at 1:30 am.  There is more to talk about…  But, I’ll tell you about Dim Sum and Monet in Normandy later.


  1. you look just astonishingly beautiful. it’s not just the makeup or the weight loss, but there’s a light and happiness in your eyes that makes you glow.

    I am so so proud of you!

    Your spa weekend sounds so fun. I wish I could have been there with you. I’m glad you got yourself pampered and treated like you deserve. This is the best blog entry update ever smile

  2. You look wonderful.  It sounds like such an awesome time!  I’d love a spa vacation.

  3. You do look very good I must say grin

    I keep meaning to email you, but never seem to get round to it. I’m so bad at keeping in touch through email!

    I started putting pistures on flickr, mainly for the benefit of relatives back in Hungary. You can see them at

    Maybe I’m just not up to date enough about these things, but what are gender iillusionists?

    I’d love to hear from you!

  4. You took my breath away, looking FANTABULOUS!!!!!
    So, happy to hear you are living it up.