Archives for February 2003

will i be ill on monday?

working is hard. not that i'm not productive, because i am. i've been working on this report, generated in cold fusion. i've only asked one question of my technical resource, the ultra cool Dan Skaggs, and i've got one more problem left to solve... totals. one would think that i would be happy with my feat... i am actually... look at the code. it is so dynamic. it will interface with a web form... i'm very proud. but the stress level surrounded with "did i get the job" is starting to … [Read more...]

absolute terror

so my boss is reviewing the committees recomendations for who to hire as we speak. my heart is racing, and i feel like i'm going to cry. this is one of the hardest experiences i have ever had. i don't understand why the process works this way, and i don't understand why they just don't tell me if they want me or not. i'm thinking that they don't want me. that they had this awesome candidate that they think would be a much better fit than i could be. it is so scary. i've decided that if i … [Read more...]

dad’s dogs

so, i went to danville yesterday to pick-up my dad's puppies. they are these 10 pound balls of fluff, who have more energy in their little paws than daisy has in her whole body. they found one of daisy's toys this morning and tore it apart. there is white fluff all over my living room. unfortunately, i can't let them have full run of the house. they are very distructive, and i'm not very good at keeping interesting stuff off the floor. so poor daisy is locked up in the living room with them … [Read more...]

miss nikki, back again!

i'm so happy that miss nikki wants to be our friend again. i've missed her point of view so much. she is such a wonderful person. missey andrea and i can't wait to see her. … [Read more...]

silly images

so, i've been working on this strange image for the provost. it is a picture of our vp of finance milking a cow, who has the head of the provost. i'm not sure if i get the joke, but i had to create the image twice. i just can't find the first one. what is a girl to do? in reality, i think this was an exercise in wasting time, but you know, you do what you are paid to do. … [Read more...]

you’ve gotta have art

so, i'm dying to go to sfmoma. i just love driving up, eating at thirsty bear, and then spending the afternoon in the klee room... paul klee is my favorite artist. i first discovered him in paris, at the louve. i just adore the louve. i'm ready for a vacation. ireland anyone? … [Read more...]

go go gigglechick

i've been following the ups and downs of gigglechick as of late. it's kinda addicting to read her journal. now, i wish i hadn't broken mine down into 2. other people talk about what is going on in their lives. she is just better at keeping the names secret i guess. i always figured that no one was reading this anyway, so who cares. i think that lots of people read her journal. … [Read more...]

joe who? not millionaire…

i was one of the millions to watch joe millionaire last night. i was sure he was going to pick sarah, but he surprised me... he picked the shy, broke one, zora. i'm not quite sure what women are coming to these days... i mean, i want a boy in my life as much as anyone else, but going on national tv, and getting dumped by a man who has been lying to you? i don't think that i would want to be in that situation. besides, evan really isn't my type. i much prefer the look of a very young mike … [Read more...]

oops, me bad.

i got "yelled at" by my mother on friday. she was ignored this valentines day. not that i wasn't ignored, but I sent myself flowers and candy. she didn't. so i made her a package and sent it out today. see's candies, peanutbutter cups, two books, valentines day socks and this cute bee that says, "i love you, i love you". i hope she likes. … [Read more...]

flurys in my heart…

it is snowing in new york. i wish i were there. i really miss the snow. actually, i miss the snow days. california is a wonderful place to live, but i really do miss the seasons. the fall is the worst, knowing the beautiful colors on the trees back east, and i'm missing it. … [Read more...]