tin foil?  encasing your apartment?

so last night i needed to go to the yarn store. yes, i really needed to go. i needed a skein of ggh esprit for this scarf i made over christmas for a co-worker who decided what i made just wasn’t long enough.

on the way, i turned on my local pbs station to listen to as it happens. i like listening to as it happens because its from canada and you don’t get the normal news… you get stories about playing hockey in the streets and some dude who encased his friends entire apartment in tin foil (about 6 minutes into part 2).

yes, that’s right this guy chris kirk from olympia, washington went to la for new years eve. he asked his friend luke trerice to watch his house for him. during the time chris was in la, luke took 200 person hours to encase the whole apartment in tin foil. books, silverware, check book, walls, cd’s and even dust bunnies. he went so far as to cover coins and burnish them so that you could see what they were… and unrolling the toilet paper from the roll, wrapping the roll, and then re-rolling the tin foil on the roll to appear as toilet paper.

why? why did this happen? i guess luke was really bored. he spent $100 dollars to purchase 4,000 square feet of tin foil… then got his girlfriend to help wrap everything in the house. when chris got home, luke helped him find his checkbook. then over night luke wrapped chris’ car and left a note that said “drat, foiled again”.

with friends like that, who needs enemys?