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Last night the worst of the worst happened on bb5. Karen is gone. Diane in her infinate wisdom decided to keep nasty ass Cowboy (who doesn’t apparently wipe unless it’s a wet one). I’m thinking that at this point, Diane has burned so many bridges that there is no way she could win. I really don’t think she could win against any of the remaining house guests.

Now, why they are keeping Cowboy around is beyond me. I mean really. He seems to have the support of all the evicted house guests, and I feel could be a shoe in to win. God forbid. I’m still really routing for Nik to win. But after last night, I’m pretty sure that she is out next. She has to win POV in order to win… I just hope she can!

The more I see of Drew and Diane the more I can’t stand them. Honestly, I haven’t liked Cowboy from the minute I saw him!

You know what… I so feel like I don’t have a life outside of BB5. I know I do, but I’m so addicted.

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  1. I think Nik has played the game very well, but she will not make it past next week. Diane is a wench, and Cowboy, as sweet as he is, is clueless. I think Drew has done well, actually. He looked at things strategically and made decisions based on that. I try to look at it that way and not who I think I would like as a person or not.

  2. I cannot stand Cowboy.  he makes me ill.  so does Diane for that matter…  now Drew on the other hand… va va voom!  I know he’s lied and all that jazz but he’s so damn adorable I can’t stay mad at him, lol.  When all is said and done though I think Nakomis deserves to win.  She’s played this game like a pro.  Not to mention she likes to color her hair weird colors. :D