Lookie!  I’ve been working on the house!

P5040284 P5040285 P5040286 P5040287
living room more living room fire place with new art vase fire place vignette
P5040288 P5040295 P5040292 P5040293
new art vase for living room new art vase for living room (and the new little one too!) dining room new dining room rug
P5040294 P5040296 P5040297 P5040298
Dining Room buffet spare bedroom main wall spare bedroom main wall continued spare bedroom couch area
P5040299 P5040300 P5040301 P5040302
spare bedroom sewing machine holding spot Mom’s Room Mom’s Room (bed) Mom’s Room (dresser)


  1. Wow!  Look how clean and organized everything is!  I’m impressed smile

    Oh, and I’m extremely jealous of your wood floors wink

  2. Your house is looking positively awesome!!! You should be an interior designer! (after you finish grad school, of course!) wink

  3. Looks good! The abstract paintings fit really well in your rooms. Sometimes they can look a bit out of place, but you got it just right. I like all the little retro touches. And I love that you have so many pictures on the wall!

  4. Hey, VERY cool! I’m envious! Love the furniture, Gwen. grin

  5. Your house is beautiful and I LOVE the hardwood floors!