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What a fricking wild ride!

It's been such a long time since I have spent time here. It feels so weird not to blog. It really does. I wish I could say I had good reason. Only a few of you know why I'm not. I wish I could get past it, but it's hard. Grad school takes most of my weekends lately. I try not to give it too much of my weeknights, but then things have been so busy lately. I've got an 'A' in both classes. I guess I'm happy about it. Actually, I really did enjoy the midterm for the online class. It … [Read more...]

Boy howdy, I wish I were so entitled!

I don't always read the Spartan Daily. Most days, I just glance at it. I pick it up, and see what the students are talking about on page two. Wednesday, a story caught my eye. A.S. director arrested by UPD Nguyen investigated for shoplifting Well, now, that sounded interesting. Apparently Mr. Nguyen walked into the bookstore, picked out some notecards, a calendar, some pens and some scantron forms. $19.22 worth of merchandise. I know, it's very easy to spend $20 bucks at the book store. … [Read more...]

Secret Pals…

So, Miss Snidget and I have been talking about secret pals. She wants one. I suggested that she join knitting sp5, but there is only one problem. Snidge isn't really a knitter. So, I think we need to start our own little secret pal thing. You don't have to be a knitter or even crafty. You just have to be willing to spoil another blogger for 3 months. During that time you will also be spoiled... See, we like that part, don't we. So, I'm putting this out there to see how many of you would … [Read more...]

SP4 Strikes Again!

Yesterday was a HUGE package day for me. I got stuff from Snidge, stuff from eBay and a package from my secret pal. Let me tell you, I was really loved yesterday. SERIOUSLY LOVED. I wanted to take pictures of the stuff inside before I wrote about it, so here it goes! First, my secret pal sent this really cute little purse. It's felted, of course. I've seen these before, but never in mixed colors like this! I just absolutely adore it, and I can't wait to use it! Next, to my utter shock … [Read more...]

All the cute boys in the valley work at Yahoo!

Tuesday, I went to Yahoo! with my team for grad school to interview a instructional designer. I'm not really sure that the man we interviewed thought he was an Instructional Designer, but I think he manages people who put Instructional Design into use, and therefore will work for what we needed. I used to know about Yahoo! when they were small and had a building off of Central Expressway in Santa Clara, back in my AMD days. Today, Yahoo! has this HUGE campus over by Lockheed Martin on just … [Read more...]

Holding it in

I've been wondering why I've been so teary as of late. I thought it was just the stress of 16 hour midterms, papers, you know, adding grad school to my life. It's not that is all that difficult right now. I just have this need to be the perfect student, so I bring stress on myself when I really don't need to. Then, I thought maybe it was the fact that after more than 2 months, I still don't have my dresser in my bedroom. I still have wardrobe boxes stacked in my living room. The two front … [Read more...]

one more thing…

Could ya'll not have so much to talk about when I'm up to my eyeballs with midterms & papers... It's too hard to keep up! God, I'm so behind. … [Read more...]

Getting the grades

So tonight I got the results of the midterm... and turned in the paper... I got an A on the midterm. I didn't really want an A to be honest. I really wanted to feel like I had something to learn. Hmph. Not. I know I know, I'm complaining about an A. It's just sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here. Now, I feel like I can't possibly fail the class, so why bother doing any more assignments. That's bad, right? Any one have any ideas about keeping motivated? Honestly, I'd really like to … [Read more...]