More house stuff!

Last weekend instead of studying, I went to Ikea. I know, I was bad. I had modules to do. But, I’m so sick of school right now. I’ve just about had it with faculty at this point. Sorry Cheeky. I’m sure things are very different at your campus.

Anyhoo… here is what I did!


I put up a new shade in my bedroom. It is cordless. Just push up or pull down on the bottom of the shade and it moves. It’s very cool. Nope, not from IKEA.


This is the spare bedroom. It had no rug and bright blue pillows before. Then I went to IKEA. For $130, I got a rug, 4 pillow covers and that little stripey pillow.


I think it was totally worth it. Don’t you?


We don’t use the room much. It’s really a guest room. I think guests will be comfy here! Susanna, Snidge? When are you coming for a visit?

Oh yeah, I forgot! Daisy LOVES the rug. She just sniffs and sniffs!


  1. Oh, I LOVE me some ikea. That looks fabulous! No wonder daisy loves it! wink

  2. I love the rug! I want to go to Ikea once I move… LOVE that place!

  3. So nice!  I love that rug!

  4. Yee!! Shy little Daisy made it into a photo, she is so cute….Pugsley likes sniffing the rug too and he also likes licking it wink

  5. You installed that blind yourself?  I’m so impressed!  It all looks wonderful!

  6. Hey! Looks fabulous! And don’t worry about the faculty thing. I’ve about had it with some of the other faculty at my school, too. wink  Thank doG it’s the end of the academic year.

  7. That’s a great look!