Archives for October 6, 2005

Today’s bliss is…  a box full!

So, my SP6 pal has been reading me, which is super cool (Hey there SP6!). And last week, when I was feeling really down, she sent me a little note telling me that bliss was on its way. Low and behold, I get home from class (at 9:45 pm) and there is a box waiting for me... With PINK duct tape holding it closed! Lookie what it says. Seriously! How cool is that? "Have a box of bliss!" That is so cool. But then, I opened it. Lookie my bliss! She sent me some home-made maple syrup (for the … [Read more...]

Spoil-A-Blogger gift pictures!

So, I told you all about my Spoil-a-Blogger package on the 22nd, and then I was evil and didn't take pictures. I had my camera out, and here is some of my loot. First, the earrings. They are lovely. I'm wearing them today. My Spoil-A-Blogger pal really did a wonderful job. Apparently, someone at her office made them. I really love them. Then, lookie how cute this is. It's a doggie magnet! I put it on my fridge today. Now, I just need to find a picture of Ms. Do to put in it. … [Read more...]