Today’s bliss is…  a box full!

So, my SP6 pal has been reading me, which is super cool (Hey there SP6!). And last week, when I was feeling really down, she sent me a little note telling me that bliss was on its way. Low and behold, I get home from class (at 9:45 pm) and there is a box waiting for me… With PINK duct tape holding it closed!

SP6 - the box, filled with bliss!

Lookie what it says. Seriously! How cool is that? “Have a box of bliss!” That is so cool. But then, I opened it. Lookie my bliss!
SP6 - the bliss!  including maple syrup, 2 balls of beautiful mohair, note cards and handmade stitch markers

She sent me some home-made maple syrup (for the waffles my mom is making on Saturday), this beautiful hot pink and grey mohair yarn that was hand spun in Vermont (can you say here come some more flowers!), knitting note cards, AND handmade by her stitch markers! OH MY GOD! I always need stitch markers and I lose my cheap plastic ones all the time! I’m so excited to have pretty stitch markers!
SP6 - a close up of the handmade stitch markers

Look at them! Aren’t they great!

I don’t know how it happened… SP5 I never got a package. The whole time. Seriously. The Spoil-a-Blogger thing is having some issues… But not only did I get the best Spoil-a-Blogger pal, I got the best SP6.

Talk about BLISS.

Thank you to both of you. These two packages have made me so happy. Really. I am truly blessed.


  1. *phew*
    I was reading (shortly after mailing that package) that there is protocol for sending maple syrup and that it has been known to explode in boxes and I’ve been panicking for days that it had exploded and gooped all over your yarn.
    I’m so glad that it arrived safely in all its pinkly packaged glory.

  2. that pink duct tape is AWESOME.

  3. Love the pink!  That’s a bummer that you didn’t get anything the last go round, but this time you sure lucked out!