Archives for October 4, 2005

Lets have some effing bliss.

So there can be bliss. Really. I got several professors to fill out my survey. Bliss. Beautiful day where I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, bliss. Talking to my boss about office politics, finally. Absolute Bliss. … [Read more...]

Podcasting?  Yep, gonna do it.

So, for one of my classes (that I'm technically caught up on, kinda) I have to write a lesson plan. I had to pick a subject, do a needs assessment, do a learner analysis... You know, fun educational things. So, I decided that I was going to get really excited about Podcasting, and share that with the professors on campus. Believe it or not, I am really excited. Seriously. I know, I've not really been very excited about much of anything (unless I'm spending money, then I'm pretty … [Read more...]