Busy, Busy, Busy!

my new bathroom!I’ve had this little weekend project since last September, new bathroom fixtures… Not that I’ve had a ton of weekend time to work on it, but I’ve had it.

For Christmas, my Aunt came down from Davis to help out around the house. She offered to help me get my project going. We put together the base cabinet, and then I went and started the plumbing. Hmm. Things didn’t go as we planned. The plumbing fell apart in my hands. A very small set back. A plumber was called, and a week later, was fixed.  Thank goodness.

New Years Day, I went to Home Depot, got my P-trap, all the parts I needed for the faucet, and completed my first plumbing job! The next day, I put the doors on the cabinet and added the handles. Unfortunately, the other tasks needed two people.

Today, I completed the bathroom. My next door neighbor and I put up the medicine cabinet. I added the doors and put in the shelves.

I’m so proud of myself! I just can’t believe that I did it, and it looks pretty good!


  1. I’m so impressed!  I’m just hopeless with projects like these.  Too scared to really even try them.

  2. It looks awesome!!!

    Girl power!