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August Scrapbook Island Design Team Project

This month I was lucky to get Authentique "Curiosity" in my design team box. It's a really cute line, and I love the teal and yellow with the gray, black, and cream. I was given a really cute little mini book to work with by October Afternoon. I really loved the "PLAY" that was laser cut in the front of the book. I thought that the best way to deal with it, and ensure that it was in focus was to paint it a gray color. I then backed it with the teal. It still seemed dark, so I filled it with … [Read more...]

Lots of work done at the expo!

I went to Scrapbook Expo knowing that I wanted to do a ton of work.  Well, I’m a really slow worker…  Add the chatting and the eating and the “farting around” and I get a LO done every 3 hours or so.  Ridiculous, I know.  However, I had a BLAST with Lisa, Lei, and Serena!  I would have done more, but we got our Design Team box on Saturday afternoon, and I spend the morning putting a album “kit” together for a coworker of John’s. Next week I’m going to start working on getting my new WordPress … [Read more...]


Let me just say that I’ve never really felt this lost while I was trying to work in a very long time.  Saturday, we had our design team crop over at the store, and I thought, I’d make Christmas cards.  I brought all my Christmas stuff.  I made a great big mess.  I couldn’t make a card.  5 hours at the store, and I didn’t come out with one card.  Nothing.  I was so frustrated. So I came home, and I pulled out a photograph.  I remembered that I’d been wanting to try a technique that had lots of … [Read more...]

H2O Hazard

So, I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost a bit of my mojo lately.  Not sure if it’s the weather, if it’s the Olympics, or if I’ve really just lost my creative mojo.  So, I found some photos and I said, tonight I will scrapbook.  Yeah.  Right.  So, I looked in the new Creative Keepsakes, found a sketch and out popped this… Things I love about my husband.  He is brave enough to tell me that I’ve spelled my title wrong.  … [Read more...]