LOAD520 – Day 9

I signed up for a Scrapbook & Cards Today class a couple of weeks ago. I said to myself, I know I’ve been lifting or “being inspired” by others lately. OMG! By the time I was done with this one, I was sick of lifting. The instructions were tedious, and so small. They were hard to follow. Now, I’m pretty good at following a picture, so it wasn’t an issue, I barely used them. But, not having the product was difficult. It made me realize that my embellishments need to be sorted and categorized. Sigh. There is no time until school goes back, and who knows when that will be.

Abbey LOAD Day 9: Eight Days a Week
Story: Scrapbook a big celebration
Technique: Make some noise on your page… use a shaker… or at least some confetti!

So, there have been pictures of the Mother’s Day Tea from the 4th grade sitting on my desk for well… years. They have been sitting here for years. I decided why not do them with the layout provided. So, I did.

It was a wonderful day. Sean brought me tea and a cookie. He took great care of me. I listened to all the other kids talk about their moms. Sean was so scared. He just couldn’t do it. I was so proud that he tried. When it was all over, he read it to me. Just me. It is a lovely poem, from the heart. He was beyond sweet.

The thing about ADHD is you never know when your kid is going to be able to participate. Some days, it’s no issue. Other days, they are screaming and running as fast as they can out of the situation. You never know what is causing it. They say he has an emotional disturbance. We don’t fully understand what that means. We do know that he really does have something. I digress.

Scrapbook layout of my son's poem to me for Mother's Day

I used mostly Echo Park Creative Agenda. I didn’t know I was going to like the line as much as I do. I would have bought tons more of it. It features days and clocks, and stuff about day to day life. I like that. I also used some My Minds Eye The Sweetest Thing embellishments. I cut 5 brand new pieces of paper. 5. No scraps. I was supposed to use one more and I just couldn’t. I didn’t need an 1/8 inch bright pink border around my page. I bet it would have looked nice, but what a waste of paper.

I did not realize how much joy my scraps bring me. Although, now I have a bunch of new scraps!

It’s just a lazy Saturday. Mother’s Day is tomorrow. Normally we would be with my MIL, but she is not a good social distancer, and I’m not willing to take a chance on her. Sad, but true. How are you spending Mother’s Day?

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