LOAD510 – Day 10

Today is Mother’s Day. It wasn’t a great day. It was full of little irritants. Like, John got me new robes. I picked the wrong size. They are too big and look too big. We already washed them. We ordered dinner. We prepaid, and had a time. They were 45 minutes behind. Little things. Lots of little things.

There is also the whole mother thing. I miss my mother horribly. But, my mother hasn’t been my mother for years. I’d love to call my mother. But, she… Well, it just doesn’t matter. She’s not the person that I knew and loved anymore. And, that’s ok. I am just not willing to let her back into our lives just to hurt us again.

So LOAD. Here we go.

Abbey LOAD Day 10
The Beatles Second Album, All My Loving (song)
Story: Scrapbook something you’re missing.
Technique: Create an informal grid layout inspired by the cover of The Beatles Second Album

I miss Jenny. I’ve been missing Jenny for weeks. When I need help Jenny is there. When I need respite, Jenny is there. When I want to go shopping, Jenny is there. When I want to have lunch out, Jenny is there. It’s not that I don’t miss all my other friends, because I do. But Jenny does things for me that I don’t even realize I need.

So, I love a grid layout, That was super easy. So, here you go. Missing Jenny.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope my sore throat is just allergies. I hope you are able to tell the people you miss that you love them today.

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