LOAD520 – Day 17

Today, I spent most of my day trying to help Sean get his Shakespeare paper done. It was due on Friday. We asked for more time when we realized it really didn’t say much. We are about half way done. It’s exhausting trying to keep his voice and add so much context. Sigh. I made him take a shower. I think he is feeling better, but I do think he went to bed angry. He was unwilling to tell us about what. I’ve got a email into his old counselor. Maybe she is willing to help us out this summer.

Abbey LOAD Day 17 – A Hard Day’s Night (song/movie)
Story: Scrapbook a story about work.
Technique: Use woodgrain/wood veneer and use a Black & White image.

Well hell. That’s what happens when you are tired. Your husband reminds you of the prompt. You find a layout without pictures that you made years ago, slap some pictures on it an call it a day.

Honestly, I love this prompt. The technique is right up my alley. I love wood grain, I use it all the time. I have tons of wood veneer. I’ve even used a black and white photo this load. But, I’m exhausted. It’s the dogs. They are up every 4 hours to get water and go to the bathroom. No one is sleeping.

So, I got lucky. There is wood grain all over this layout. It was a class I took at Scrapbook Island like 6 years ago. The fact that I still have all the sticker and stuff to go with them is just amazing. I’ve got 4 more completed layouts without pictures I think. It’s the Life Documented line by Simple Stories. I just love Simple Stories. I got lucky with this one. It meets the prompt. I didn’t even have to try.

Scrapbook layout of John pretending to work from home.  I actually think he is working.  It's just really hard.

The pictures were from when I was going to do a week in the life. It’s an Ali Edwards thing. Yeah, then Sean punched a whole in the wall, and honestly, I didn’t care anymore. I’m not really wanting to document this whole thing. I know Sean will be grateful, but I’m sick of it. But, I don’t want to leave my house. My family can’t either.

Let’s pray for sleep tonight, shall we?

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