LOAD520 – Day 20

When things are hard at home, it’s really hard to blog about my layouts. Because, I don’t like the layouts I create when I’m angry. I was angry for two days. I was angry that the Language Arts teacher gave yet another assignment that would take Sean much longer than the 9 hours of time that he has to work on that class through the end of the year. He also has poetry due, and a journal about a book that he read. She started telling me about how many days he had the assignment. The problem with that is we are counting work hours per day. He doesn’t work more than 3 hours a day on school work. That means 3 hours a week per class. So, give me days, divide by 7, then multiply by 3 and that’s how many hours he is expected to work on classwork for that class. Don’t forget to remove a week for spring break.

I would imagine that a normal kid might get through it all. And honestly, the last assignment is pretty interesting. It’s a narrative about his COVID-19 experience. But even how she set it up was so tone deaf. She is retiring and it’s so obvious she doesn’t give a damn. I yelled pretty loud, and told her there wasn’t any time to do this, as well as all the other assigned work. I told her that Sean wouldn’t be doing any more Language Arts this year. I told her I was disappointed. And I really am. This whole distance learning thing is a joke. It’s just a joke.

I don’t know how Sean is passing his classes. He doesn’t seem to care if he does well. He doesn’t seem to care if the does the work at all. Everything erupted when I told him that if he wasn’t going to do his Math, he could leave and not come back. I was done. There weren’t other choices. After 5 minutes of staring me down, he went and did his Math. It’s been better since then. I just hated saying it. This isn’t the kind of parent I wanted to be. I didn’t want to make threats. But, I was serious. I was done. I still am.

Abbey LOAD Day 20 – Ringo Starr, Octopuses Garden (song)
Story: Scrapbook a page about gardening/outdoors.
Technique: Use florals/botanicals, and maybe a few stars!

Yeah, I’m exhausted. I’m not gardening. I’ve scrapbooked trees lately. Sigh. Here is a picture that I took from a video of Sean sliding down a handrail. I decided that there is no reason to hoard paper. So, I cut up 4 pieces of brand new paper today. And, I used a 5th piece for the background. Go me!

Scrapbook layout of my son at Coit Tower in San Francisco

I used some wood veneer, and don’t you just love the background is stars! I added two more for good measure. I’m super happy with it. Sometimes paper itself can be inspiring. In this case, that burst was. I saw it, and I knew that’s what a wanted. I probably should have included the teal burst that came after the cream, but it takes up the weight of the page that I wanted the way it is.

I love my boy, with all his faults. Everyone’s faults are so magnified right now, including my own. I hate it. We are ditching school to go cherry picking tomorrow. I hope it’s not busy. I can’t wait.

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