LOAD520 – Day 28

I let John take care of the drama at the end of the day yesterday. He is still trying to get the “teacher” to make an appointment to teach about idioms. We turned in the revised art assignment. I know that Sean hasn’t done what was asked for, but I don’t think he knows how. I had told the teacher I didn’t think Sean understood perspective, and this assignment really shows that. I made him do it again, it’s totally different, he made some decent textures, but there is no perspective. Oh well. You don’t even provide a video on perspective, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Today, I worked on the economy. I bought Father’s day and birthday gifts for John. It will be nice to have some choices, and if I change my mind, things will hold until Christmas… I also donated to my favorite used bookstore Recycled Books. I love them. Just before this all happened, they had expanded into more space. It is wonderful in there. I totally recommend them, as well as Hicklebees, and Streetlight Records. That’s where I shopped today. John will have figured most of it out. He monitors the credit card like a hawk.

What is making me the happiest right now is that I’m blogging at 5:17, not 11:30. I’ll be going to bed at a decent hour. Hurrah!

Abbey LOAD – Day 28: Let It Be (song)
Story: Scrapbook a page with words of wisdom
Technique: Use word art/ word papers.

Honestly, I started by looking for a quote, saying, something that would work on my layout. Then I found “whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.” It so resonated with me. I knew that I had taken some pouty Sean pictures lately… Because he wanted to play Fortnite, not what I journaled about. However there has been a lot of, “friend A isn’t my friend,” “friend B won’t play with me,” “friend C was mean to me,” “friend D called me names” lately. I tell him the same thing, they made a poor choice and they are really friends. But really it’s more than that. I used to say people were jealous. But this is better. They are beneath you. Don’t go down there. I love it.

Scrapbook layout about a very pouty Sean

So I thought I wanted a sketch. I liked one aspect of the one I found, the cut file they used for a title. I said, I can so that. So, I put my new craft area to task. I moved my printer down, turned my Silhouette so it could cut, I made a cut file, and I cut that thing out! So proud. Then the sketch didn’t work because everything was too big. I found this piece of paper that already had it’s strip cut off. Oh well. I thought it was perfect… pointing up. I’ve been using orange too much, and I was going to use orange here… Then I found that great berry red heart on that tag. I was hooked. I wanted the bad words in the back and the good words in the front. I’m happy yet again.

What saying would you share today?

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