random memories of my vacation

so, i've got some random memories i thought i might share from my trip: a homeless girl sitting on the corner near the gaslight district (painting her fingernails of all things to do on a corner) yelled at us for not giving her money. she said that we had no compassion because she was pregnant and it wasn't her fault and it was our responsibility to take care of her. yeah, ok. let's go with that. mom lost her credit card sunday night. spent monday morning trying to take care of the problem, … [Read more...]

back to vancouver

mom and i came back to vancouver early. we decided not to go to the bouchart gardens. 540 acres of walking just wasn't going to work for her. we decided to go to the crystal garden instead. it was lovely. there was a butterfly room, and we watched two butterflys hatch. wow! we also saw parrots, lemurs, flamingos, and tons of flowers. i just wish that i had my computer with me so that i could post some pictures. the bummer of the day was not being able to rent the vespa. i really wanted … [Read more...]

high tea at the empress

after our adventures on sunday, our days could only get better. today, surpassed my wildest dreams. tea at the empress hotel in victoria is a once in a lifetime experience. it was incredible. mom and i dressed, because that's what they told me when i called to make reservations. when we got there, we found that people really didn't have to dress. we were glad we made the effort anyway. we had a window seat viewing the victoria bay. they served us fresh strawberries and cream to start, … [Read more...]

is the tenderloin really in vancouver?

mom and i arrived in vancouver last night. our flight was delayed so we didn't get here untill 8:40. we hopped in a cab, and our cab driver said he knew where our hotel was so, we didn't pay much attention... as we are driving down the street that our hotel is on, we see this xxx bookstore and rainbow flags. i asked if this was the "gay" part of town. the cab driver said yes, and said but things are nicer as you get closer to the water. he then took us to a hotel that wasn't ours. hmm. … [Read more...]

lucky girl, not so lucky sabercats

to be honest, on friday i had big worries for this weekend. BIG WORRIES. i don't know why. i shouldn't have, but i did. i think it was because the rocker and i would have gone away this weekend. well, we didn't. saturday morning, i went to the dog park with missey andrea. daisy was pissed. she sat on my lap for about 1/2 hour. she really does hate to go. olive and little miss heidi (picture tomorrow) did much better. actually, just olive did better. this was heidi's first time at the … [Read more...]


i'd really like a new digital camera. one with zoom. i have a olympus D-320L... i'm finding that the pictures are fuzzier than i want, and i'd really like zoom. REALLY. i've been looking at the olympus c750. it looks like a good camera. it got excellent reviews. does anyone have a camera that they really enjoy, and takes good close up pictures as well as scenery shots? do you love it enough to recommend it? come on... tell me how to spend my $500 budget. forget tivo. i want a … [Read more...]

planning a vacation

since there will be no trip to new york over the fourth (i'm thinking now there was never going to be a trip over the fourth, it was another lie), i've made vacation plans. i've bought an airline ticket to vancouver, i've made a hotel reservation, and i've been scoping out a day cruise. lucky for me, not only will i be there for canada day but, i'll also be there for the vancouver international jazz festival. i'm so excited. 30 days from today i leave for a very needed vacation. on a side … [Read more...]