back to vancouver

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mom and i came back to vancouver early. we decided not to go to the bouchart gardens. 540 acres of walking just wasn’t going to work for her.

we decided to go to the crystal garden instead. it was lovely. there was a butterfly room, and we watched two butterflys hatch. wow! we also saw parrots, lemurs, flamingos, and tons of flowers. i just wish that i had my computer with me so that i could post some pictures.

the bummer of the day was not being able to rent the vespa. i really wanted too… but can you imagine my mom on a vespa? i can. i can picture her falling, breaking her titanium hip or injuring her fused back… not a pretty sight. i didn’t feel right about leaving her behind, so i didn’t do it. i think i’m going to look into buying a vespa when i get home. ooooh, wouldn’t that be fun?

tomorrow is canada day. we are going to grouse mountain, and having dinner there. our reservations are for 9:30. i’m hoping we will be able to see the fireworks. i hope i have enough room on my xD card. i have a feeling i’m going to have to buy a third card before the week is done. smile

even though i’m having a great time, i can’t help thinking that i would have loved to do this trip with the rocker. that’s hard. but, i know that with his back the way it was, my trip would have been basically the same. me walking slow, and not doing everything i would have normally done. and, i’m sure the rocker wouldn’t have been as fun to have tea with. i just have been missing him, that’s all.

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  1. So happy you guys are having a good time, Happy 4th to you both! Can’t wait to see your photos. Mom says hi too…  xoxo Cindy

  2. Its Canada day Now, so – Happy Canada Day!

  3. Vespas rock! Michele and I rented a Korean scooter called a last fall when we went to South Beach and we had a total blast! It was $60 for 24 hours and we saw parts of Miami and Miami Beach I never would have noticed driving a car.

    When we eventually live in warm weather, a good (fast) scooter is on the shopping list!

  4. Oops. Link didn’t take. It was called a Moskito—went about 40mp with both of us on it:

  5. i’m so glad you’re having fun!!! smile  happy belated fourth!!