Daisy has a new skin!

The response to the new skin is amazing. I'm so glad you like it. I think that Reese did a wonderful job taking Travis' art and making it into something that is absolutely beautiful. I want to take a minute to introduce you to Travis Smith. Long time ago, I bought a painting of a dog from him, called "ben". I really liked his art, so I watched his eBay listings, where he was selling the painting that you see on my skin. It's called, "A Robot for the Ladies". It actually is an original … [Read more...]

Limbo Land!

So, I've decided that if I'm going to move where I live, I should move where my site lives too. You know, I'm stupid that way. I always take on just a bit more than I can chew most days. So, some of you see this, and some of you see the old server. I still see the old server which is very un-nerving. VERY. So, If you send me email and I don't respond, just send another. It's possible that it's out there, floating in no man's land. … [Read more...]

my brain fails me again.

so, i changed purses this morning. i used the red, white and blue le sportsac purse yesterday because it holds a ton, and i knew i'd be going to the library at lunch. because i have a lunch date, and i'm wearing black, i decided to change to the new uber cute black and white daisy bag. i transfered my wallet, my gum, my lipstick, my badge, and my new camera... did i transfer the stupid cable? NO. ok, so i need a card reader at work. i'm going to have to break down a buy one. i'm getting … [Read more...]

hello?!? brain, are you there?

my beautiful new olympus c-765 arrived in the mail yesterday. i was so excited! i called my neighbour and asked her if she would put it inside for me. i didn't want someone to see it, and take it. i got home, charged the battery, and 2 hours later i was ready to take pictures. hmm. what to take pictures of? i wanted to take pictures of the pretty bougainvillea that is growning up the oak tree across the street. but it was too dark. i tried to take pictures of daisy, but to my dismay, … [Read more...]

join the css party train

so, i got good advice on the css thing i was working on over the weekend. then i went over to the css zen garden and found an example of kinda what i wanted to do. not totally, but kinda. so, i should be launching said skin by the end of the week. maybe tomorrow depending upon my working hard, hardly working attitude. i'm also doing well on the cold fusion front... gotta love ben forta, his books ROCK. i'm putting if statements in my queries... who would have thunk it?!? too bad i don't … [Read more...]

what do you mean my status is DEAD

so, i pay WAY too much for my daisydo account. WAY too much. i have space i never use, bandwidth that i never use, and an host that is WAY too big. i have had this host for years... let me think now, 1997? i think that is about right... i had best.com for a long time... then verio bought best, then i upgraded my account with them in 2001, then verio was bought by ntt. through out all these purchases, i have remained a loyal customer. why? because i am too lazy to change. i just don't … [Read more...]